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Supporting Small Businesses During Covid-19

15 April 2020

How to support our small and independent businesses during this time.

Owning and running a small business is often a stressful endeavour, none more so during the past few weeks. With almost every aspect of our day to day lives being rewritten, it’s now more important than ever to support the small and independent businesses that make up our community.

Interact with a small business on social media by liking and sharing their posts opens them up to your followers and a potential new audience as well. You can also invite your followers to like pages under the community option on their Facebook page.

If you’re missing someone, you reach out and tell them, so if you’re missing your favourite shop, restaurant, bar or beauticians let them know! Writing them a positive comment or shoutout could mean the world to a business owner.

Leave a positive review.
In a world driven by rankings, leaving a positive review for your favourite business can boost their visibility significantly. A host of positive reviews is one of the factors search engines like Google will consider when deciding which results to throw up on its elusive first page.

Other sites like Trip Advisor also rank businesses based on the amount of positive feedback they have generated. Being able to search for somewhere to visit based on these ranking has made it critical for local restaurants to as visible as early as possible in the search results.

Find other ways to shop with them.

Although we may not be able to physically visit our favourite businesses right now, there are still ways to spend our money with them. A range of restaurants are still offering takeaway services for those looking for a night off from cooking or a tasty treat!

In recent years many small and independent businesses have developed a supplementary online storefront. If you can’t find a storefront for the business you had in mind don’t despair, many of them are selling products on eBay, Facebook Market or might be able to sell directly to you, so it’s worth reaching out.

You can also invest in some gift vouchers for future purchases, buying these at the moment are a great way to provide some cash flow to businesses and give yourself something to look forward too!

The ease of social media has also allowed businesses to offer free online instructions and tutorials to keep customers engaged while they are gone. Many gyms are offering free workout classes and tutorials people can do from the comfort of their own homes. Restaurants are offering recipes to recreate some of their classic dishes. Not only are these a great way to keep engaged with businesses, but they can also keep the boredom at bay for those of us doing our part by staying at home.

Postpone appointments, don’t cancel.

For those of us who have regular appointments at hairdressers or beauticians, we should consider postponing appointments rather than cancelling them. Not only will this provide some cash to businesses in need but will guarantee you some much-needed pampering or post lockdown haircut when these businesses reopen.

Local theatre companies who have had to cancel shows are honouring tickets for the rearrange shows. Those who do wish to cancel their tickets are, however, being given a chance to donate the cost of their ticket instead.

Have you got another way your supporting small and independent businesses during this time? Let us know @inbasingstoke on social media.