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Paying It Forward

15 April 2020

How paying it forward can save small and independent businesses

As the need to keep physically distant from one another grows more and more apparent, the knock-on effect can be felt in small and independent businesses. These businesses who’s very nature relies on footfall have felt the impact of shutting up shops the hardest.

Throughout the lockdown, Crowdfunder have been looking at ways to support the small businesses we love in our communities.
One of the solutions that has sprung up is the ability to generate advanced sales of their goods and services to ease the immediate pressure. During this time of crisis, businesses can access 100% free fundraising for themselves as well as granting access to tools to allow small UK businesses to pre-sell their meals, events, hotel booking services that can be redeemed at a later date.

Thousands of pounds have already been raised or donated through the scheme as local communities rally together to save their small business communities.

Another form of paying it forward that has sprung up is the idea of purchasing gift vouchers for your favourite shops or restaurants. Not only will this provide some cash to businesses in need but will guarantee you some much-needed pampering or post lockdown haircut when these businesses reopen.